Was it a Dream

Ayala Gazit’s latest series documents a personal journey that goes beyond aesthetics. Funded by the Tierney Fellowship, “Was it a Dream” was created in Australia while learning about her late brother, James, who had taken his own life at the age of 20. She never had the chance to meet him in person, so this series represents their metaphysical bond.

Emotional and beautiful, these images show how everyday objects can be anthropomorphized in a mournful context: a broken close pin, a fallen palm tree, a crumpled shower curtain, a gravestone. The most poignant photo may be the one Gazit didn’t take; that of James as a young child.

“Was it a Dream” opens at the SVA Gallery, at 209 East 23rd St., on November 18th and will be on view until December 19th with an opening reception on December 2nd.

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