Black-and-White is a collection of traditional, black-and-white photographs, created using thirty-five-millimeter film, that are printed in ways which guide viewers’ interpretations toward theories of postmodernism.

This is accomplished by including nuanced cues that expose the physical elements of the medium, in an attempt to create unique objects that allegorically counteract the infinite reproducibility of digital photographs.

By photographing places and objects that illustrate themes of banality, simulation, and fragmentation, then subsequently printing those images in a traditional process that can degrade, stain, or be subject to arbitrary variations outside of my control, the Black-and-White series utilizes photography’s affinity for depiction in order to convey a sense of lost reality.



“Dead End with Contrast Filters” (2017)

“Rock with Neutral Density Filter” (2017)

“Rock with Circular Polarizer” (2017)



“Carol with Fogging” (2017)

“Pool Closed with Fogging” (2017)



“Jesus Loves You Repent to Jesus” (2015)

“301 Boulevard” (2015)

“Sailboat (2015)



“Becky” (2016)

“Car Gate” (2016)





All images © Tom Winchester